RocketSockets has no inherent CCU limitations – with your license purchase, you are able to reach any amount of CCU that your server hardware can support.

RocketSockets moves the networking outside of Unity, and thus, removes the limitations of Unity. We are not longer bound by Unity’s 100-client async limit. RocketSockets has been tested up to 100CCU, but we’re confident that you could get even more with a sufficiently strong server.

RocketSockets supports all Unity platforms.

On platforms where System.Net.Sockets is available, a managed client is included. On platforms where it is not (currently WebGL, contact us for more), we offer a native client that seamlessly bridges the gap.

RocketSockets supports Mirror for truly next-generation networking in Unity.

RocketSockets is provided as a binary, available for Windows, macOS, Linux and .NET Core Portable.

You also need to use the included RocketSockets Transport component for Mirror.

Yes. As of version 1.1, RocketSockets fully supports the WebSocketsSecure protocol and allows you to run secure servers alongside non-secure servers, a must-have feature for many WebSockets games.

No, but the lead developer and creator does contribute code to Mirror as well. Interested in another networking API? Contact us.

Not at this time.

By using RocketSockets, you agree to the following terms: You receive access to one year of updates to the Unity client code and compiled server binary, provided via logging into this website. Your license entitles you to one seat per company or individual. You may run the application on any number of servers owned by this company or individual, and distribute any number of clients using the provided Unity client code. You may not distribute the compiled server binaries at any time beyond the entitled organization or individual. You agree that Authentic Experiences, Inc. can change this license at any time, and that you are bound by the terms found on this section of this page.